Marco Mascorro

Marco Mascorro
Co-Founder and CEO
Fellow Robots

Marco is an entrepreneur and innovator. Forbes has named him to their 30 under 30 Innovator list and MIT to their 35 Under 35 Innovator list. He is co-founder & CEO of Fellow Robots, a Silicon Valley-based technology company working with large corporations to solve retailers’ biggest challenges with Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, and Robotics.

He joined the faculty of Singularity University at NASA Research Park in Silicon Valley as Teaching Fellow of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence and director of the Innovation Lab, where he worked with multidisciplinary teams to solve the world’s biggest challenges.

Marco worked in Japan building robots for search and rescue at the Kanazawa Institute of Technology, where he developed a humanoid nuclear and hazard exploration Robot due to the Fukushima Nuclear Power plant accident in 2011 and an autonomous wheelchair robot for fully disabled people that can be controlled by voice commands.

He did some work at the BMW Group (BMW, Rolls Royce, and MINI) doing designs for concept cars at the Research and Innovation Center of BMW Group in Germany. Some of his designs come in the 2014 car series.

He was a Robotics Professor at the Monterrey Institute of Technology, mentor of the FIRST Robotics Competition, and he has been participating in robotics competitions and exhibitions for the last 10 years.

Marco was awarded by Discovery Channel for his work in robotics; he is a frequent speaker on innovation & robotics