Bob O’Connor

Bob O’Connor
Jetz Convenience Centers

Robert O’Connor is President of Jetz Convenience Centers and is a third-generation petroleum marketer from Milwaukee, Wis.

Robert along with his cousin owns and operates four locations which include Jetz branded convenience stores, Jetz branded on-site fueling, Jetz branded car washes and four nationally franchised restaurants including Subway, DQ, Little Caesar’s and Culvers.

The Jetz brand though small in number is large in scope. Jetz has gained the attention and respect of major competing Wisconsin retailers and as a result Robert just concluded his term as Chairman of the Wisconsin Petroleum Marketers and Convenience Store Association (WPMCA). In addition to WPMCA, Robert also serves on the board for the National Advisory Group (NAG). Jetz as a brand is forward thinking and is quick to deploy products and technology which offer future promise.

In November 2016, Jetz was the first to introduce E15 to the Milwaukee market and together with the Wisconsin Biofuels Association developed and ran a marketing campaign that introduced E15 to the entire state of Wisconsin. E15 has shown signs of early success. This advanced fuel allows Jetz to offer new choice at a higher level of competition. Because of this, Jetz recently installed their second E15/E85 installation and is helping to lead the charge for higher blends of ethanol in an extremely conservative market. Since Jetz began its campaign for E15, other major Wisconsin retailers have also begun to offer this new advanced fuel beneath their canopies.