2018 NAG Conference Agenda

The 2018 NAG Burning Issues

* Family Business Planning. How to build an outstanding corporate culture from the top down. Working through a transition in leadership at a family business can be a once-in-a-lifetime decision. Perhaps no challenge has as much potential to influence a company’s culture and highlight the special advantages of operating a family business. In this session, hear from three leading convenience store retailers that will highlight the importance of transitioning the family business forward.

* Foodservice: Doing More with Less. Foodservice remains a high growth category for convenience store owners. Given the category’s enormous profit potential, operators must embrace foodservice to attract a steady stream of customers. In this session, convenience store retailers will offer fresh ideas for maximizing the foodservice menu in small spaces. Combi-ovens, ventless fryers and other modern equipment can perform multiple functions, boosting food quality that enables growing sales and optimizing profits.

* The Machine Revolution: Are Robotics Right for Convenience Stores? From robots in the aisle to customer service bots, this session will deal with emerging robotic technology and how this technology will change retail in the future. Already, leading U.S. retailers such as Amazon, Lowe’s, Stop & Shop and McDonald’s are using robotics as a way to manage wage increases and rising training costs. Learn what the technological future holds for convenience stores.

* Foodservice: Reigniting the Dinner Daypart. Daypart sales are growing, but this has been a tough mealtime to crack for convenience stores. This session will deal with getting a better understanding of what customers want at this important daypart, where they are shopping and what it will take to get them in your stores. The panel will also discuss the components of building strong take-home menus that satisfy busy customer lifestyles.

* Building a Better Car Wash: Cleaning Up in the Forecourt. Car wash usage is surging in the U.S. and convenience stores are in a prime position to capitalize on this growing trend. But not all car wash operations are equal. Due diligence is needed when selecting the right location, deciding how much money to invest, what type of equipment is best and which cleaning chemicals are right for your market. Learn from successful car wash operators what it takes to make such a business shine and how to generate consumer interest.

* Store Design and Layout: Identifying the Best Concepts Your Customers Will Find Appealing. A good retail store layout starts on paper, where details such as building specs, customer traffic flow and product placement come together. Every design step requires thoughtful planning and some trial and error, but when the doors are open, a stellar store layout will encourage customers to browse and buy. Hear from leading retailers on how their design successes are helping drive sales.

* Young Executives Organization (YEO) Breakout Session: Leading the Next Generation: How to manage with effectively and with authority. When it comes to successful leadership, attributes like vision, communication and integrity never go out of style. But today’s business environment is constantly evolving and executives face new pressures every day. Executives must be able to build strong teams in the face of recruiting and retention challenges, keep up with the latest technology and demonstrate strong business acumen. As young leaders take charge of a growing workforce, they are also faced with complex issues such as sexual harassment in the workplace and the growing use of social media. In this YEO breakout session, learn how you can stay out in front of these issues and effectively manage a crisis situation when one arises.

Information Exchanges Breakout Sessions

* Benefiting from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) in Convenience Stores. How the new rules affect your business.
* EMV Compliance. How it affects convenience stores and what you can do to save money.
* Storm and Disaster Preparedness. Whether it’s a hurricane, an ice storm or a human emergency, c-stores and gas stations should plan on how to respond effectively.
* Private Label Product Branding. Environmentally-friendly packaging, bulk offerings, new coffee opportunities, how to maintain freshness.
* Human Resources: How technology and Web-based apps are helping staffing, scheduling and training employees.